Our platform is entirely advertiser-dependent. When and where is all up to the advertiser. Typically speaking, we have about 6 weeks notice before the campaign start date. We then give drivers about 5 weeks advance notice. If you know someone who got an offer and you didn’t ... it means that they drive in the campaign zone at least 25% of their commute, and you do not. This is important to note as only miles driven in the campaign zone are compensated by Wrapify.

While we may not have any open campaign spots in your area, that can change rather quickly. Once you've driven the 50 qualifying miles, you're eligible for a campaign offer when one becomes available. You’ll receive an in app message, email and text message of any wrap opportunities in your area.

Wait time depends on the advertisers and your location. Some drivers have waited 6+ months while others have only had to wait a few minutes. As Wrapify grows, it will be easier and easier to join a campaign.